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Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 7 years
Member since: September 4th, 2003
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: Steh-yoo-dant!
Location: UK
MSN: [email protected]
Software / Tools: Photoshop CS2
Media Player: WMP, Winamp

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432 Hair color
Really really dark brown with a spot of ginger here and there (and yea, there especially)
Posted 10 years ago in Custo Lounge.
432 India-Pakistan Reunification
I think they should hook up again. Oh, and I'm actually a Kashmiri of Mughal descent so... I want my kingdom back please.

I think religions arent to...
Posted 10 years ago in Custo Lounge.
432 Three Word Story
savagely, without pause
Posted 10 years ago in Custo Lounge.
37 Skin that goes well with areao4?
my skin dynamic kinda goes with it...
Posted 10 years ago in Winamp.
453 What are you listening to?
Baduizm - Erykah Badu, and also this album full of Neptues produced beats. Pretty funky stuff ...
Posted 10 years ago in General Discussion.

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widescreen pack 10 by ether
Another great pack :)
Posted 9 years ago.
Allah by pakistani
oh and Masha'Allah :)
Posted 9 years ago.
Allah by pakistani
m1ni1mal: The exact same God. Great to see some muslim art on the front page :) Nice one
Posted 9 years ago.
castle by ether
Just plain awesome
Posted 10 years ago.

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skryingbreath says:
Sup gangsta'
Tue 26th Jun, 06:30pm