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Serenity by andrew1515
Thanks to everyone! :) KRP: You can't change the font size together for the all parts of theme. But separately yes. In case of Group1 subthemes, simp...
Posted 5 years ago.
Serenity by andrew1515
mitch_twhc: Simply go to , search your country, copy the code, what's after the last "/" from the URL, open the file Weather/Weather W...
Posted 5 years ago.
Serenity by andrew1515
It works..Open UserVariables.inc file in Group2 folder, and rewrite MusicPlayer=WMP to MusicPlayer=iTunes. And here is the list of some more supported...
Posted 5 years ago.
Serenity by andrew1515
Hi! To change the clock to 12h format open the Group1/Time/Clocke.ini file, find section [MeasureHour] , and then rewrite Format=%#H to %#I . And for...
Posted 5 years ago.

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