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Artist's Note

This is a Firefox theme i made on the popular Nuvola icon set. It is based on the Apollo theme so there may be some GANT icons as the theme is only 90 percent finished.


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (13)


Great buttons and a very fem. theme.

Fri, Jul 30th at 02:51am (13 years ago)
Xyphur says:

OMG dude, do something with ur desktop icons! Do you not realize how much of a memory hog all of those are? (Theme's not bad, too.)

Tue, Jul 27th at 02:38pm (13 years ago)
nuka_t says:

i deleted em all, thats an old screenshot. most of theme were just icons and whatnot leftoever wfrom when i made the theme.

Tue, Jul 27th at 02:50pm (13 years ago)
LTD says:

Excellent work, Nuvola . . . . (I'm LTD602 from kde-look.) You know hiow I feel about this theme. Just skin the last few things and it'll be a real winner.

Wed, Jul 28th at 08:06pm (13 years ago)
jet- says:

Awsome skin....But one question what is that skin that you are using as your VS?

Tue, Sep 28th at 08:59pm (13 years ago)

I really like this theme too, nuka. But just like Jet, what visual style/ theme are you using? It's so cool looking.

Fri, Oct 1st at 02:40pm (13 years ago)
warpig2 says:

Doesnt work with Firefox Release 1. ????

Wed, Nov 24th at 06:30am (13 years ago)

Its the Royale theme You can get it here:

Great looking theme by the way!

Fri, Jan 14th at 03:07pm (13 years ago)
ShoPeng says:

Cool ..nice

Sat, Mar 26th at 07:27am (12 years ago)
Xelo says:

Man, the theme is nice, but how the hell do you install it ?!?!

Sun, Mar 27th at 08:07pm (12 years ago)

Great theme man. I was wondering where I could get the desktop background too.

Thu, Jun 9th at 09:21am (12 years ago)
re-dead says:

Very nice skin. I can't find out how to install it though. I tryed to open the file, checked the menus on firefox but yet I can't get it to work, anyone know how I should do? I'm using Firefox 1.0.4.

Mon, Jun 27th at 06:35pm (12 years ago)
chronic9 says:

cool skin. looks nice, too bad i dunno how to install i have firefox 1.0.4 as well

Fri, Jul 15th at 10:44am (12 years ago)

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Created by nuka_t
on July 27th, 2004


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