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Artist's Note

VOID4 for firefox, a port of Gerrit V's osx theme.
Tested with windows and OS X, sadly it works better with windows...
Will be updated for higher versions of Firefox if Gerrit's themes are ported to Leopard/Snow Leopard.

EDIT: No black menus? I thought I uploaded this awhile ago?!

Comments (14)

nilsHaus says:

Is it normal that my URL bar is turning all sorts of colors?
I was having problems with colorful tabs (I would love to be able to customize those colors...but thats an aside), so I shut them off, now my URL bar seems to change color every time I type in a different URL...

Other than that, sweet scheme, exactly what I was looking for
(maybe a bug: Compact Menu 2 took the bookmarks icon? It looks fine except its off to the side...)

Wed, Aug 29th at 08:10pm (10 years ago)
vkeios says:

The urlbar colors are to indicate a web site's security. High is green. Low is yellow. Broken is red.

I'm certain that the default theme does something similar as well.

And compact menu 2 is supposed to take the bookmarks icon, since its the icon I prefer for it. Though I will check into the off the side issue.

Wed, Aug 29th at 09:27pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

I don't use buttons, but if I did I'd be tempted to use this. In fact I'd try it out if I could bloody remember how to change my theme in this new fangled Firefox.

Wed, Aug 29th at 09:57pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Ok. Well after going through the trouble of getting it to install. It doesn't like me. =/ It's completely messed up my toolbar, and the tabbar is clunky. I keep undoing tabs.

Though. I do like the tabbar and the menu's.

Thu, Aug 30th at 12:19am (10 years ago)
tazio72 says:

It looks great!

Thu, Aug 30th at 02:50am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

hmm, using VOID2 atm so this one interested me a bit. way buggy though, my compact menu and bookmark folder got black, you just see the text when hover over.

back to void2 immediately.

Thu, Aug 30th at 03:52am (10 years ago)
vkeios says:

@qslig, didn't have black menus on my pc, but sure enough happened on every other PC I tried. Fixed now.

@Pyro, Did you leave the toolbar buttons in text only? Thats a bug I've known about for a long long time. I just haven't found a way to fix it yet...

Thu, Aug 30th at 03:23pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

I did actually. I didn't know about that bug. I enjoy the upside tabs a lot. But yeah VOID2 also messes up the toolbar. And the bookmark button has the >> arrows instead of the one it should.

Fri, Aug 31st at 12:35am (10 years ago)

I downloading and installed VOID4 for Mac OS 10.4.10 and none of the icons are visible, only text.

Fri, Sep 7th at 01:43pm (10 years ago)
k3ttc4r says:

this for ff3 would be total sweetness *hinthint*
its def. on my ff2 though

Sat, Mar 1st at 02:21am (9 years ago)

Yeah, I really wish this was FF3 compatible. I tried forcing the install and, well, it looks hideous.

Thu, Aug 28th at 09:53pm (9 years ago)

This is the reason why I'm not using FF 3. You would make my day if you ported this.

Mon, Oct 20th at 10:17pm (9 years ago)

where to put this thing??

Wed, Feb 4th at 10:41pm (8 years ago)

So, I've been hanging on this site for quite a few months now, getting themes and wallpapers and god knows what.

However, I made an account here for one single reason: To ask you to port this theme to FF 3,0,11 (or whichever is the latest version).

I mean, goddamnit this is one of the best themes I've ever seen. And I can't use it! :( Please port it!

Sat, May 16th at 04:19pm (8 years ago)

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Created by vkeios
on August 29th, 2007


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