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Customize Help

Welcome to Customize.org Help! Here you’ll find all the info you need to customize your computer.

Quick Guide to Customizing

  1. Change the normal Windows themes for a shiny new one! Check out our XP Themes section. You may need the Uxtheme Multipatcher in order to apply unsigned .msstyles files.
  2. Get some new Icons for your programs and documents. Some icons maybe “packed” in .IP (iconpackager), so you need Iconpackager
  3. Choose from our huge selection of Wallpapers.

Why is there no .theme file?

Of course some theme designers may forget to include one. Other times the theme file is not there because you have to create one. Simply save the current theme under a different name (the name of the theme) into the C:/windows/resources/themes folder, and then enter the C:/windows/Resources/themes folder and open up the theme you have saved. It should work. If not, contact the author for the original .theme file.

Have a More Specific Question?

  1. Feel free to ask them in one of our group discussions

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