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Member since: September 30th, 2002

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Sustenance by KoL
beautiful work as always my friend!
Posted 13 years ago.
oops by jromo
well... thanks m8īs! you really lift spirits up!!! and a winamp port would be great FF!!! thanks!! cheers!! jorge
Posted 13 years ago.
IOTA by jromo
thanks everyone... iīm still trying to push new ideas here and there... now working on my next theme...
Posted 13 years ago.
toto by FrostedFlames
great work my friend!!
Posted 13 years ago.
toto by jromo
thanks a lot everyone... itīs really more of an exercise, as stated before! i knew the colors wouldnīt be easy for a lot of people, but... i was just...
Posted 13 years ago.

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