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Name: Eric  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 4 years
Member since: September 1st, 2006
Last update: 7 years ago
Birthday: June 5th, 1985 (32 years old)
Location: Michigan, United States
AIM: nitzua19


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Apple technology by ikramstar
wow, this site is full of shit. it's hard to believe there ever quality submissions on the front page.
Posted 7 years ago.
Blue Green by thug_ashes
i said it looks barely usable, because to me, it does. i'm not sure that you have the slightest understanding as to what constitutes usability. my de...
Posted 7 years ago.
Blue Green by thug_ashes
i'm sorry, but this looks absolutely atrocious and barely usable. the wallpaper is by far the most appealing thing on display here, but you failed to...
Posted 7 years ago.
Paragonia Refreshing by swiftybond
how do you see the clock, weather, etc when you have a window open? poor management of desktop space.
Posted 7 years ago.
Avril by poptmartone
holy fucking widgets
Posted 7 years ago.

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optimum for SSC '10
7 years ago

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not tonight
8 years ago

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jg-visuals says:
Daaaaaaaaaamn, B! You done Bogartin' my whole joint!

great stuffs mate...
Tue 9th Sep, 06:44pm
split says:
Thu 29th Nov, 12:30pm
motorist says:
Hello [: )
Tue 29th May, 04:16pm
dustkt says:
lucid mocha much?
Wed 23rd May, 09:07am
Bero_ says:
Congrats on the Oniero release.
Wed 28th Mar, 08:10pm
aakio says:
Good luck finishing the Oneiro suite!
Mon 5th Mar, 09:59am
relik says:
hey hey :)
Mon 26th Feb, 06:29pm