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Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 5 years
Member since: February 8th, 2002
Occupation: webmaster, graphic designer
Location: Orange, California
AIM: kungpow genoc1de
Current Projects: your mom
System: amd athlon 1.2ghz
768mb ram
2 * 40gig scsi hd
Diamond Stealth III
Media Player: Winamp [lycamp]

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453 Phw Is back with a vengance
Hi All, Hope you missed me, prolly didnt BUT I AM BACK WITH A VENGANCE! Been like 6 months since I been here, I plan on having some really good backro...
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Free Taskbar (style xp)
omg. im scarred for life. thanks alot flangegod.
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Star Wars Episode 2
I got it 3 days before it came out. then watched it on big screen. definately worth seeing on big screen
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
how can you expect help when your such a jackass about your questions?
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Drugs
oh yah and go collossus go you knoiw everything!
Posted 15 years ago in General Discussion.

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WALLVELOCITY by deadspirit6
very nice.
Posted 15 years ago.
F I R E S T A R T E R RED by get Carter
... can I see one in blue plz?
Posted 15 years ago.
Rail by LucidPhoenix
Posted 15 years ago.

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Blocky Grey Thingy
15 years ago

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