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Artist's Note

MetalPlayer by Sephirotess:

MetalPlayer: designed for audio players as Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, iTunes, AIMP, CAD (VLC, Foobar2000, J. River Media Center, Media Jukebox), Spotify, WLM (Last.fm Client, OpenPandora, Zune, Media Player Classic).

CAD needs plugins: VLC (libcad plugin, for olders version of VLC), Foobar2000 (foo_cad plugin), J. River Media Jukebox (intcad plugin), J. River Media Center (intcad plugin).

Options :

- 2 languages: English and French,
- text color can be modified,
- 10 appearances,
- with or without spectrum
- easy configuration.

Visual information:

- name of the artist,

- song's title,

- name of the album,

- year,

- track position,

- duration.


- preview,

- pause/play,

- stop,

- next,

- volume up,

- volume down.

Other options:

- themes: click with the central button of the mouse on the
player in order to change the appearance,

- rotator: simple central rotator, without effect and only
present in a visual goal. It turns on every second, with jerky manner, in order to use a minimum of resources. It moves when music is played and stop when there is no music. It possesses 11 themes. Click with the central button of the mouse in order to change.

- progress bar: it is placed to the right with 20 themes. Central button of the mouse in order to change. Left click jump to 10% forward. Right click jump to 10% backward. A double left click opens the player.

- spectrum: only for player2. It shares the same themes that the progress bar. While changing the appearance of the
progress bar, you also change the appearance of the spectrum.

The themes (player, rotator, bar) are independent. Hundreds of combinations are possible.


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.


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Created by Sephirotess
on July 2nd, 2015


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