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Artist's Note

i figured i would post my desk again:)

wall by static and win amp skin by sinster

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that sure is a big desktop. cool background.

Thu, Apr 25th at 06:35pm (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

dig the wall

Mon, Apr 22nd at 09:40pm (15 years ago)

used to have a setup almost just like this one. nice. maybe would like the wall better if you lightened it up a bit, but still good.

Mon, Apr 22nd at 11:51pm (15 years ago)

dear god man what monitor do you have?

Tue, Apr 23rd at 12:04am (15 years ago)

almost any 19inch monitor will support 1600x1200. Thats what i run on my PERFECT FLAT 19inch screen :). SS looks good tho. like the blue, the white kinda hurts the eyes, mostly cuz i look at stuff at nighttime i guess.

Tue, Apr 23rd at 03:19am (15 years ago)

Nice looking desktop, but why does everyone setup their desktop icons with white text and a blurry drop shadow over a white background? It's completely unreadable and looks bad!

One of a few things I dislike about OS X is that it does this and you can't change it. Icons look great on darker backgrounds but you can't read the text at all on lighter ones. So why would you Windows users want to change your desktops to work like this?

Tue, Apr 23rd at 10:49am (15 years ago)
dephunked says:

its winxp, hector, it does that... i want a huge monitor just so i can run nice and large =) sweet desktop

Tue, Apr 23rd at 12:52pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Heart-Tripper
on April 22nd, 2002


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