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Artist's Note

> styleXP theme ported off a simplex theme and modified by myself

> took out tclock since i dont really need it anymore.

> amp : color-it-in, i trimed the corners a lil

> wall : clipart from some anime site, i'll try to find the link later.

> oh yeah, that link in the browser is a sneekpeek of my new site. might make some walls later or something. all graphics were taken by the new digital cam i got and touched up with some photoshop.

> laytes.

keeping it clean, simple and functional

Comments (17)


- 10 because i hate that you seem to read my mind =P love it... as is the norm of me to your work

Fri, Jan 3rd at 07:51pm (14 years ago)
VictorC says:

I'd be willing to bet the wallpaper pic was done by Falcoon. His sites at . Everybody should check it out, he's one of the best fan artists around imo.

Fri, Jan 3rd at 07:56pm (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

BAM! there it is! thanks a lot man.. i thought i lost that site forever!!!! this guy rocks! ** i didnt get rid of nasty yellow highlight, i simply hid it and scrolled up ;p **Right Jujube.. they are salamander.. they come stock with icon packager.***

Fri, Jan 3rd at 07:59pm (14 years ago)
Compo says:

trendy, but well-executed.

Fri, Jan 3rd at 08:18pm (14 years ago)
digger says:

awesome... this is my kind of style...

it seems you got rid of the horrendous yellow highlight in the AIM buddy list... would you mind telling me how you did it...? .... ahh i see... what trickery.

Fri, Jan 3rd at 09:07pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

great screen

Fri, Jan 3rd at 11:21pm (14 years ago)
Niumex says:

Awesome, your screens are always wicked!

Fri, Jan 3rd at 11:35pm (14 years ago)

you never cease to impress me with your screenies.. you always raise the bar for us :) btw what are those icons?

Sat, Jan 4th at 12:48am (14 years ago)
jujube says:

I know those icons! I have them in my own collections of icons.

Wheee... Salamander set by Humpjunkie re-colored in 2003! Mac classics never die!

Sad, not all the pics have nudity, there are also works for some cutie cartoons as well as fighting games like KOF and such. What I don't like is that it loads so slow because it uses no thumbnail previews and galleries will be close after a while, shame.

Sat, Jan 4th at 01:00am (14 years ago)

everything is white, except the winamp (and the wall, but thats different)...so minus points for not recoloring the amp... I like the rounded windows, but not too fond of the icons...great job

Sat, Jan 4th at 01:10am (14 years ago)
zerohq says:

love those rounded windows...nice work as always

Sat, Jan 4th at 01:51am (14 years ago)
K:-DW says:

wow nice (i like the wall :)) but i don't speak japanese so i don't find my way on the site! how do you do that?

Sat, Jan 4th at 05:10am (14 years ago)
Ice_blue says:

damn nice my freind

Sat, Jan 4th at 07:39am (14 years ago)
sad says:

dude, that site, is like some sort of hentai site ;\

Sat, Jan 4th at 03:16pm (14 years ago)
epochfx says:

its a sneak peek he said, i don't think its finished yet. the icons don't go good with the rest of it, but I still like it, good job... again

Sat, Jan 4th at 04:32pm (14 years ago)
jsuh says:

Thatsssss STICBOY. Goodjob :)

Sat, Jan 4th at 07:52pm (14 years ago)
essenkae says:

those things look wack!

Sun, Feb 2nd at 03:58pm (14 years ago)

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Created by sticboy
on January 3rd, 2003


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