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Artist's Note

My first screenshot...

VS + WP: from themexp.org
WMP skin: from theskinsfactory.com
WA5 skin: Invicta v1.2

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it's awesome... if you love xBox..

Tue, Feb 10th at 09:45am (13 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

I like the Invicita Winamp skin and the XBox WMP skin is pretty cool, but the WB/VS isn't that great.

Tue, Feb 10th at 10:51am (13 years ago)
WeSjUh says:

you just applied a winamp skin, media player skin, xbox wallpaper and xbox vs..
download it in 5 mins and apply, done!
put some more work in it, custo more icons, reshack some shit, and dare to show more ;)

Tue, Feb 10th at 10:52am (13 years ago)
RaCeR says:

you need to customize icons

Tue, Feb 10th at 04:19pm (13 years ago)

Dude that is the fucking awsomeist XbOx skin I've ever seen but how the fuck do u dl it

Sat, Mar 27th at 05:48pm (13 years ago)
Bernz says:

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Fri, Jul 2nd at 10:28am (13 years ago)
spikey_9 says:

how do u download it? will sumone plz say?

Tue, Aug 31st at 10:00am (13 years ago)
JAYCZero says:

Well this has either got to be a Sick F****** Joke , or someone doesn't want this Skin to be downloaded.
I click in Download and all I see is the
Enlargement of the Picture than if I
click on Screenshots it's the same S***...Can someone help me out with
this or give me a better website to download this. Thanks in Advance

I have to say that this is the Most Goergous most Highly Detailed X Box Skin I have ever seen in my Life @[email protected]!
Dam what I would give to have that Skin!

Thu, Sep 16th at 07:28pm (13 years ago)
Fireguy01 says:

Calm down...Nicew job

Fri, Jan 28th at 05:26pm (12 years ago)

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Created by Bernz
on February 10th, 2004


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