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Artist's Note

All of what you see here is a part of the Gaia suit, exept the mIRC window.

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Comments (20)

fate0000 says:

Holy diddy donuts! Nice use of the suite =)

Fri, Jul 27th at 10:39am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

nice setup thomas, a beauty. you gotta get yourself a bigger monitor soon so you got some more space ;).

love is coming your way :D

Fri, Jul 27th at 10:40am (10 years ago)
aakio says:

Great to see you using the ls theme already!

Fri, Jul 27th at 10:43am (10 years ago)

Nice shot to add to the GAIA bundle!

Fri, Jul 27th at 10:52am (10 years ago)
HOPE04 says:

That shutdown dialog is just so perfect. Nice one.

Fri, Jul 27th at 11:57am (10 years ago)
tazio72 says:

This is really nice..... great GAIA stuff you got in there.

Fri, Jul 27th at 12:11pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

Thanks y'all ;D

Fri, Jul 27th at 12:12pm (10 years ago)
StigF says:

Love it, but what's the point about showing to shutdown-menu's?

Fri, Jul 27th at 12:53pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

this shot was just to show of the different parts of gaia, and the two shutdown menus are quite different so i thought that i could incoulde them both

Fri, Jul 27th at 12:58pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:


Fri, Jul 27th at 01:00pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Ahh, a very complete looking suite shot. Nice.

Fri, Jul 27th at 02:39pm (10 years ago)
kowoolo says:

nicely showing lots of parts of the suite, but it's somehow too noisy to me.

Fri, Jul 27th at 05:15pm (10 years ago)

Please oh please teach me how to make mIRC like that

Sat, Jul 28th at 02:46pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

just go to view -> colors and choose what colors you want to use.

Thanks for all the comments guys and girls

Sat, Jul 28th at 03:43pm (10 years ago)

How did you remove all the toolbars and stuff to make it so minimal?

Sat, Jul 28th at 03:45pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

For mIRC: view -> and uncheck where it says Menu, Toolbar and Switchbar.

For the windows i used styler toolbar

Sat, Jul 28th at 03:48pm (10 years ago)
Bero_ says:


Sun, Jul 29th at 12:50pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

thanks :)

Sun, Jul 29th at 05:03pm (10 years ago)
vsm says:

nice :)

Mon, Jul 30th at 10:41am (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

thanks vsm and PJ, much appriciated

Thu, Aug 2nd at 06:45am (10 years ago)

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Created by Thomax
on July 27th, 2007


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