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well... just made this one. started with the logo font and then tried to find some fitting background for it. actually i am not really pleased with this one. well, one could find the logo font nice, but i was trying to do some glass like looking mac aqua effect on it, but as you can see i didn't worked the way it was supposed to work.

if anyone has ideas of how to improve or any general comments on this one plz plz plz post i pretty much need the most available input since i feel like i am stuck with my "design capabilities". i need some external input...


*end of whining* ;D



big text with gradient. motion blur? otherwise, nothing there.

ditch the text, add some more elements and we'll talk. or at least shrink it.

Fri, Nov 22nd at 10:12pm (15 years ago)

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Created by phexter
on November 22nd, 2002


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