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Artist's Note

4th Edition of the series. Dont ask about the names. Just embrace the mystery. As for how much "work" is put into these... I always felt that how much time you put into something doesnt matter at all.. The only thing that matters.. is the final result.

I tried putting in some 2D material.. but just couldnt get it to fit right... any suggestions on what i could do to get the two to blend well together?

If you're tired of these WPs let me know, I'll stop.

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Doesn't seem like your putting much work into these. The random names match the randomness of the wallpapers. Put more work into these.

Sat, Mar 1st at 07:29am (14 years ago)
Knuff says:

I hate to say it, but the lack of work does show. The other walls looked somewhat underworked as well, and this showcases that more obviously.

Sat, Mar 1st at 01:02am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

not much of a composition here... look like it took 10 mins.

Sat, Mar 1st at 01:33am (14 years ago)

i suggeest looking up a user named "coins" and checking out some of his stuff to see how good typography is done. he does this very well. your text does not fit in, it looks like it was just thrown in there. your shapes are quite abstract and simple. i had suggested you do it in 2d (no dropshadows/bevels/etc) and perhaps without an outline around the shapes. try to make it one cohesive unit and maybe even make the 2d work secondary to the text since you are trying to get this "mystery" thing across. keep at it. oh, and maybe try some different shapes, maybe thin lines or circles to accent the rest.

Sat, Mar 1st at 01:51am (14 years ago)
Dokt says:

Photoshop's a great tool in the right hands. Which unfortunately, isn't you.

Sat, Mar 1st at 08:02am (14 years ago)
essenkae says:

ur work is cheap shit.

Sat, Mar 1st at 02:37pm (14 years ago)

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Created by Toular
on March 1st, 2003


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