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Artist's Note

An old 3d render I did before I took a break. Just a bunch of geometric shapes put together in 3dsmax, then composited several different renders through photoshop, i.e. wireframe, solids etc.

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I like the look, but the compostion would benifit from a little breathing, esp. as a wallpaper.

Fri, Jul 4th at 06:56pm (14 years ago)

looks like tron, doesn't really work as a wall (for me anyways)

Fri, Jul 4th at 02:24am (14 years ago)

"what was the name of the bad guy from tron oh this is gonna bug me all day"

Fri, Jul 4th at 03:08am (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

nice render i think. - quoting yourself, ratboy? thats odd.

Fri, Jul 4th at 03:54am (14 years ago)
SMIG says:

i like this, flows. very nice, the name: u get that from Brian Reagen? heh

Fri, Jul 4th at 12:39pm (14 years ago)

quite interesting :) ratboy: i think his name was sarg or sark, not sure about the spelling.

Fri, Jul 4th at 12:54pm (14 years ago)

Bad guy from Tron= SARK.

And you call yourselves geeks.....

Fri, Jul 4th at 01:56pm (14 years ago)


Fri, Jul 4th at 08:39pm (14 years ago)
curtis says:

i like it....sorta....god job tho

Sat, Jul 5th at 01:26am (14 years ago)
SirWonkus says:

the top part is particularly awesome.

Sun, Jul 6th at 12:09pm (14 years ago)

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Created by bogomip
on July 4th, 2003


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