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well... yeah! do not show to children :-)
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"Bodop Bop Bop dadada Bop Bop. There is no you there is only me." This wall makes me think of NIN for some reason. I like it though. It's kooky and weird in a good way. Poppin' those teeth out like popcorn. Nice.

Mon, Jul 17th at 04:22pm (11 years ago)

A great wall Vlad, as always. The edges of the teeth kind of bug me, but besides that it all looks very good. Spooky subject though. :P

Mon, Jul 17th at 01:25pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

it's kinda creepy. good, but creepy. it makes me want to protect my mouth. :x

Mon, Jul 17th at 02:55pm (11 years ago)
scipioX says:

There's alot going on in this.

Mon, Jul 17th at 04:13pm (11 years ago)
R I P says:

looks painfull

Mon, Jul 17th at 09:56pm (11 years ago)
evobit says:

I couldn't look at this every day, ouch!
Nice execution though.

Tue, Jul 18th at 02:36am (11 years ago)

in my cntry...if you dream ur teeth fall and if it hurts... BIG BIG problem! someone is going to die...and belive me...it's true...

Tue, Jul 18th at 08:07pm (11 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

This is so unique, the concept itself.. not for a wall but simply awesome ideas captured well.

Wed, Jul 19th at 06:48pm (11 years ago)

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Created by vladstudio
on July 17th, 2006


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