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Artist's Note

This peice is about all the cloning and gene splicing going on right now. As you can see i have done some photo manip, and added a double helix (dna). A pretty simple wall, but it looks good on my desktop. Anyway, please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Comments (6)

Deleted-X says:

looks great but the face sux you should just cover it up or something.

Wed, Sep 19th at 12:49pm (16 years ago)
feverish says:

facesux. way too much blur. way too much blur. way way too much blur. Strains my eyes too look at it

Wed, Sep 19th at 02:02pm (16 years ago)
digger says:

the face really sucks ass, but it was a nice design otherwise, just way, way too much blur (as feverish said)

Wed, Sep 19th at 03:38pm (16 years ago)
Liquisoft says:

"Sucks" is used too much. The face doesn't appear as though it belongs. If you're talking about cloning in this picture, I suggest you move the face to the center of the image, and make some duplications of it, but at different angles of the face (if that makes any sense).
If you don't want to do the face thing, make something the focal point. You can't have an image without a definate focal point. Otherwise, it's just a background waiting for something to be put on top of it.

Wed, Sep 19th at 05:45pm (16 years ago)
rystic says:

thanks a ton for the feedback everyone, i'll think about blurring next time. and hank you Liquisoft, your point about duplicating the face was good. Didn't think of that, hehe, ironic, eh? :) Maybe i'llmake a revision to it...hmm...alright, thanks again everyone

Wed, Sep 19th at 07:20pm (16 years ago)
Envio5 says:

face.....gay.... otherwise it alright..

Mon, Jan 28th at 10:12pm (15 years ago)

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Created by rystic
on September 19th, 2001


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