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Artist's Note

This is from a while ago...

Comments (7)

Anacific says:

it's quiet nice

Tue, Oct 9th at 10:38pm (16 years ago)
spm248 says:

the little arrows are popular everywhere on the web hmmmm....

Tue, Oct 9th at 11:51pm (16 years ago)
rush says:


Wed, Oct 10th at 02:10am (16 years ago)

Exellent. Very well balanced.

Wed, Oct 10th at 04:54am (16 years ago)
Fenrir says:

Amazing work Wu.

Wed, Oct 10th at 06:03am (16 years ago)

while it looks undoubtedly brill, everything's so clichéd (save the x-ray skull image). polygons, binary 0101111100111s, transparencies, black, and haven't we *just* seen the grids on shinter's wallpaper? the message you conveyed has to be the saving grace, though. at first sight it looks awesome, but you must explore something new, mate, you can do it.

Wed, Oct 10th at 06:22am (16 years ago)
tripp says:

thats cool dude...i didnt think i was gonna like it from the thumb...but then i saw the ful image and its so clean and crisp...im impressed...and fieroavian, note that it was one of his earlier pieces...if u look at some of his other works u will see how much Wu owns as an artist

Wed, Oct 10th at 12:30pm (16 years ago)

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Created by Wu
on October 9th, 2001


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