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Wallpapers / Colour Resonance - edited

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Artist's Note

This is the edited version, and I don't think I need to follow what others say if I like it, just like the grids and arrows for me~
enjoy it! This is in a larger resolution~

Comments (9)

ekzibit says:

vibrant colours on a black backdrop is always a treat.

Mon, Oct 22nd at 07:00am (16 years ago)

why won't you ever learn?

Mon, Oct 22nd at 08:33am (16 years ago)

I learnt, but you have to be careful that we need to choose what to learn and what to reject. :)

Mon, Oct 22nd at 09:37am (16 years ago)
rkenshin says:

be nice boys. stop being a dick fiero.

Mon, Oct 22nd at 12:50pm (16 years ago)
rush says:

lose 95% of the text and lose the grid. this could be a really cool wp.

Mon, Oct 22nd at 02:35pm (16 years ago)

bee yoo tuff full. Nice work.

Mon, Oct 22nd at 05:00pm (16 years ago)

Much better at a higher res, although I still don't like that barcode. Keep up the good work.

Mon, Oct 22nd at 05:38pm (16 years ago)
onepoint says:

im not posting this bcuz i dont like nightangel or whatever so dont even start with that... first of all it doesnt really have a focal point... too many things happening at once. even with ur new version too many things r happening. make the text smaller if u want the bar to pop out...... is this ur first? i dont remember... anyway if it is, its good for a first.

Tue, Oct 23rd at 12:54am (16 years ago)
Spark says:

Eh, I think it's very original. Good work !

Tue, Oct 23rd at 12:28pm (16 years ago)

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Created by NightAngel
on October 22nd, 2001


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