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Here another XP'ish Wallpaper made in 24 hours with Lightwave & Photoshop. Let me know what you think about it.

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couragous colors, but they clash

Tue, Nov 6th at 11:56pm (16 years ago)

i think this would be much better if you lost the sort of orange glow around the main orange shape.. it makes it look almost too blurry and cartoonish.. good idea just clean it up a little

Tue, Nov 6th at 12:25pm (16 years ago)
merkurixx says:

i really love the colors, i'm glad to see more orange being used here at custo. the blob looks great and contrasts the buildings very well, both in color and in texture. i think most of the random semi-transparent lines should go, they complicate the piece a little too much. i dont care for the text either.

Tue, Nov 6th at 01:03pm (16 years ago)

Text is out of place and sort of looks too cluttered or messy. Clean it up some and it should be fine.

Tue, Nov 6th at 01:36pm (16 years ago)
pointman says:

Funky, very impressed. Needs some work on improving the clarity of the foreground object (perhaps adjusting the levels) and also ati-aliasing the edges. Also either get rid of the text or blend it into the image making it part of the overall concept rather than it being an add on for branding or whatever.

Tue, Nov 6th at 04:50pm (16 years ago)
coda says:

hmm not bad. messy indeed. the orange is too overpowering as well... looks like someone vomitted oros everywhere.

Wed, Nov 7th at 02:14am (16 years ago)

German is cool, i forgot it but its still cool.

Wed, Nov 7th at 03:21am (16 years ago)
mellow says:

means: only in hectic we'll see who's rulin' creative over chaos or so ;)

Wed, Nov 7th at 04:55am (16 years ago)

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Created by mellow
on November 6th, 2001


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