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How To Create Winamp Skins

To create a Winamp Modern skin you need to create XML code and graphic files in format PNG. The hardest part is the coding, and to understand it, you can go to get the essential information at:


It’s a very long history, so I can’t go over through these secrets now.

The first one who edited asked if there was a program which can make a modern skin. And I say: Yes. There is. The one I know is called “Skinner”, but unfortunatelly it makes modern skins as lame as it makes the classic ones.

Recently, Skin Consortiun has created a new type of modern skin, it’s the Classicpro skin, a SUI (single-user interface) skin which you can skin by the classic way, but the graphics are in PNG format, of couse.. See more information about it at:


Free visual Winamp 5 skin editor: SkinWamp