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Hrmm, dunno, works for me...

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Very nice job on this skin.

Thu, May 2nd at 03:22pm (15 years ago)
beaker says:

Great integration of a complete suite! Color's are a bit bright for me (or my monitor, can never tell which), but a very nice design.

Wed, May 1st at 09:43pm (15 years ago)

yesssss other colors! the light blue is awesome.. but theres only so much that goes on at vir plas.. man i can immagine this in a darker teal... but good work

Wed, May 1st at 11:48pm (15 years ago)
Ice_blue says:

difinatly the best skinn here but a more dull color next time (mabe a grey gradient style)

Thu, May 2nd at 03:48pm (15 years ago)
devil_joe says:

Sweet skin. Can you make more colors?!?!??!?? PLease?!?!?!

Fri, May 3rd at 02:17am (15 years ago)

YES FINNALY A VIRTUAL PLACITQUE skin WEEEEE btw ice_blue we dont want to hear your *GIMME A GRADIENT STYLE* bs go eat your mom out You Idiot it was never meant to be gradient style
see nigga bo0 ? ya dont see no gradients floatin around ders ... YOU HAVE BEEN PWNED

Mon, Jun 10th at 03:22pm (15 years ago)
Rufus007 says:

Dear god it gets so annoying after 3 hours.

Sun, Jun 16th at 05:19pm (15 years ago)

This is beautiful, and there isn't a thing wrong with the color, I'm doing a wall for it right now.

Mon, Jun 17th at 12:05am (15 years ago)

Won't load in WinXP Pro (needed theme files could not be found). Maybe I'm just stupid, I'll try to figure out if I'm doing anything wrong, and rate this when I get it working.

Mon, Jul 29th at 08:05pm (15 years ago)
polyWog says:

A tad too much blue, a little more white & it would be easier on the eyes. :)

Wed, Nov 3rd at 04:43am (13 years ago)

Really cool i wish i could make somethng like this :P

Mon, Jan 4th at 12:49pm (8 years ago)

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Created by Plastic
on May 1st, 2002


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