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A port of my omonimous litestep theme.
27/10/2002: Some tweaks, 3 colors, 2 wallpapers included.

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Very decent stuff. I like the titlebar buttons, and the different colors. The regular buttons could use some work though, they seem a bit.. undone in comparison.

Sun, Oct 27th at 02:04am (15 years ago)
Dokt says:

Mmmm ... me likey. Like the rendering on your WP too ... nice work.

Sat, Oct 26th at 07:44pm (15 years ago)
teschio says:

Uh, I meant to update it, not to upload it as a different theme..

Sat, Oct 26th at 07:50pm (15 years ago)
h8r says:

Looking nice.

Sat, Oct 26th at 11:10pm (15 years ago)

so much more you could have done with that

Sun, Oct 27th at 01:19am (15 years ago)

It has some little problems [in some programs (windows commander, icq) I can't read active window title ] but it is the best I heva seen.
Have you got icq or winamp skins for this theme :)

Wed, Oct 30th at 06:56am (15 years ago)
joesurf says:

Fantastic job Teschio!!! As much as I really like all your themes including the litestep ones, darkbar rules. It is the cleanest, purest, most tantalizing work ever. Your talent and your work are the best on the net IMO.

Fri, Jan 31st at 08:08pm (14 years ago)
pinso says:

Nice classic theme, this is what i was looking for , thanks great work, where can i get such themes around here.

Great site,.....

Fri, Oct 5th at 03:04pm (5 years ago)

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Created by teschio
on October 26th, 2002


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