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Artist's Note

this one took a while to get what i wanted... hope u like it!

comes in three flavors... dotto1 (which is the one in the ss), dotto2 and dotto3 (basically changes in the taskbar and colors)


1. install included fonts!
2. for all of you who just canīt stand the font, use "Large Fonts" in
the "font size" setting.

Comments (18)


very nice visual style complete with three substyles, i really dig the flat look that it has.

Wed, Dec 10th at 07:52pm (14 years ago)
neo_ says:

very nice color scheme! i really like it

Wed, Dec 10th at 12:20pm (14 years ago)
Aero says:

interesting design and colors, nice job

Wed, Dec 10th at 12:57pm (14 years ago)
MaRZ says:

nice job guy..i just may use it

Wed, Dec 10th at 01:05pm (14 years ago)

i'm liking everything except the dots on the scrollbars

Wed, Dec 10th at 02:32pm (14 years ago)
Evdawg says:

completely beutiful. Very nice.

Wed, Dec 10th at 04:50pm (14 years ago)
mockba says:

thought i wasn't gunna like it from the thumb but i like how clean it is. good job!

Wed, Dec 10th at 09:40pm (14 years ago)
invision says:

maybe get a wallpaper...

Wed, Dec 10th at 10:05pm (14 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

not my typical style, but I really like this. nice.

Wed, Dec 10th at 11:05pm (14 years ago)
eLad says:

very good... using it now.

Thu, Dec 11th at 06:55am (14 years ago)
b--f says:

the orange is two neon for the otherwise muted aspects

Thu, Dec 11th at 09:54pm (14 years ago)

very nice and simple...

Fri, Dec 12th at 11:00am (14 years ago)

this is very creative and original, but somehow doesnt stray from the tastes of other, this is great keep em coming.

Fri, Dec 12th at 04:15pm (14 years ago)
Tr0jAn_ says:

I like it, I like it, but the font is WAY too small. The colors are good, and the Start button is really nice. I'm trying to save space on by taskbar, because I'm running 1024x728... so I need smaller start buttons. BTW, could you make it in blue and grey too pls?

Sat, Dec 20th at 06:28pm (14 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Some people here are so spiteful.. this is something unique and different and it's a fabulous piece of work, if something is new they knock it.. I guess it doesn't pay to be unique anymore but keep your head up and keep them coming.

Mon, Dec 29th at 05:36pm (14 years ago)
LTD says:

I missed this one, but found it at devart. Excellent work, jromo. As far as I know you're pioneering this style, and it's an impressive one. Your TomTom Reloaded is my favourite, but I find things to like in all of your styles. Nice smooth, flat look here - reminds me of the 8-bit glory days. the orange is a nice contrast, too. Keep it up!

Thu, Jan 15th at 09:59pm (14 years ago)

Wow, very nice work here

Wed, Feb 18th at 06:57pm (13 years ago)
barrowaj says:

This is just perfect for me. It is the proper balance between minamalism and eye candy. Its very minimalist, yet not so washed out. This is great, because while themes like Orbital look really cool, they are aggravating to use because there is no contrast. Dotto 3 is my favorite, the taskbar is very cool in it. However, I prefer the "grey" of dotto 1 to the "blue grey" of dotto 3.

Mon, Feb 7th at 01:19am (12 years ago)

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Created by jromo
on December 10th, 2003


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